Healing The Wounds Workbook

Healing The Wounds Workbook


I dedicate a vast majority of my life and time to inspiring women and men all over the world to be their best selves. In November of 2016 I published my first workbook. I wanted to create something which would inspire us all to walk away from our old toxic ways of being. 

Through these projects, I had no idea the impact that the workbook would have on so many people's lives. I've seen or heard about it being spotted in people's homes, at their work, and in airports across the country. That me symbolized that what I created was making an impact. 

I wanted to empower you all to take a deep look at those we love and realize when it's time to let go. I want us to understand the roles we play in entertaining toxicity, while also understanding that it is never too late for change. 

I want us to all trust and believe in our divine power. I want us all to know that our bodies, energy, spirit and love are sacred. We are meant to be valued while being loved unconditionally. I pray you're inspired to see relationships in a new light. And how the toxicity and the wrong ones can have a lasting effect when we deny ourselves healing. 

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