Four Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Home Décor Brands to Shop!


Live Bodly, Know Thyself

There’s been a wide-spread discussion lately as we settle into the new year. The focus has been on self and a lot of us discovering who we truly are to our core. I learned that when I am not functioning as myself in my everyday life, I feel imbalanced, off centered almost.


5 Inexpensive Decorating Hacks to Reduce Your Anxiety

Suffering with chronic anxiety is something you can’t hit the switch on and it all gets better. It’s a very debilitating mental illness. There are many holistic solutions that most medical professionals don’t recommend.


There's No Harm In Choosing A Different Route

I was driving home the other day, and something told me “take another route.” I don’t know why the message came through, but I knew if I received it, it was for a reason. So, I did as I was told. I took another route. On this alternate route home, I noticed things that I had never seen before.


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