Important Things I’ve Learned About Planning vs. Taking Action

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In life, we all have a grand idea on how things could, would and should be. We set our sights on what we want, and we write out or verbalize all of the plans we have to reach or obtain said goals. Over time I’ve learned, all of the planning in the world can sometimes distract us from taking action and going for what we want. In my personal opinion, overplanning can create distractions.

We don’t know the outcome but it’s best to just work toward it. 

We never honestly know what outcome our work will breed, but it’s best just to let the hard work speak for itself. It’s easy to worry about what’s to come, but why should it matter? Most of the time, we produce content in search of validation. When the need to feel validated by others goes unmet, our hard work, time, and effort feel meaningless to us. A mistake a lot of us make. Take the need to feel validated out of the equation. Work toward your goals because it fuels you, even if the world is never exposed to what you accomplish in the end. The important thing is you’re working to achieve a set goal. It doesn’t matter if the outcome fits into your idea; you’re probably learning a lot along the way. My best advice will always be, focus on the work and the process never on the outcome. You gain more knowledge on the path itself than you ever do at the final destination.

Sometimes we focus so much on speaking on our plans that we don’t actually act on them.  

You ever heard of the term chatty patty? It’s a code name for people that chat just a little too much. They’re so used to chatting that most of the time they’re divulging way too much information in the process. Have you ever stopped to think that over vocalizing your plans can sometimes distract you from actually acting on them? The excitement of what’s to come can sometimes replace the enthusiasm to complete the actual work to get to the finish line. My best advice is, don’t prematurely divulge so much out of excitement that you actually forget to do the work.

Sometimes our plans are just a distraction to avoid our deepest fears. 

A hard pill to swallow and not easy to accept, but most of us are out here making plans and the only thing hindering the follow-through is fear. Maybe you’re afraid of success? Perhaps you’re scared to fail? Maybe you’re worried that nothing you do is ever good enough? Whatever false narrative you continue to feed yourself, it’s holding you back. Whether you’re consciously aware or not, your fears will always be your biggest distraction. My best advice is to unpack your fears. I am not a psychologist, but in most cases, our biggest fears are deeply rooted in past trauma. Whether that trauma stems from our childhood, early teens, adulthood, or a past life, what’s been planted only grows when you feed it. In the same token, you cannot uproot what you refuse to acknowledge and unpack. Your hearts truest desires await you on the other side of that fear. 

You are guided by love and light always! Societal standards and the unkindness of this world can sometimes cause us to forget just how truly powerful we are. We get lost in the happenings of the world and don’t always recognize our ability to manifest the life we want. Everything you need, everything you want is within reach. It doesn’t matter when, how or where you start as long as you take action and see it all through. 

 Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

CareerAmber Janae