The Realization of Life’s True Importance

Happy Full Moon!

I love the transitional phases that the moon goes through. They’re a constant reminder that we too, transition, evolve and have many opportunities to shed layers to become better versions of ourselves. The last few months have been spiritually awakening for me. I’ve never felt more grounded and alive on my spiritual journey like I have in the last few months. The lessons from the universe have felt less trying lately. I’ve learned to no longer be resistant to life and the changes that come with it. As the currents flow, I’ve learned to flow with them gracefully.

If life has taught me anything, it’s taught me that growth is inevitable. You will be tried, you will be tested but it’s how you respond is what matters most. 2019 has been such an incredible year thus far. It’s been all about growth, self-discovery, and ultimately being responsible for what my life looks and feels like long-term. I’ve gotten to a place that the foundation of my happiness is very much reliant on my stability, responsibility, and commitment to self.

How do you know you’re growing? When you stop trying to keep up with the false reality, you’ve created and commit to living in your truth. I’ve been exploring more. I’ve been saving so much of everything. I’ve been protecting my happiness and peace. I’ve been utterly obsessed with myself. I’ve learned not to regret a single moment in my life. I’ve also learned to honor and give glory to God for the new beginnings which may have caused pain because they felt like endings.

There’s been a sense of true knowing I’ve embraced. There’s been a sense of power and sovereignty I’ve stepped in. I’m rediscovering all of the things that make me the amazing being that I am. I am flowing with grace. I am overflowing in gratefulness, happiness, and peace. I’m flying, I’m a bird and won’t allow the happenings of life to clip my wings. Life has taught me and continues to show me that above all else, my self-dedication is all that matters.

What I continue to learn. How I continue to evolve, how I pour into myself so that it spills over into the lives of others. My evolution and what I leave behind is all that matters at this point. On a path to build a legacy! I’m content in life as I know my true purpose. I am in no rush on my path; I am moving to the beat of my own drum. I am not here to put on a facade and make the world believe I’m someone I am not. I am simply me. If you take nothing else from me, take with you the message that none of this shit is more important than your growth and evolution.