Course Correcting to More Intetional Ways of Living and Being

Friday, I sat in a meeting with a coworker. She was telling me how she was invited somewhere but didn’t really want to go. I asked her why would she go? Why waste time, money and energy on an experience you’re going to regret later? There’s this thing about living intentionally. Something that I honor, value and commit to daily. If I do not feel called to do it, I don’t. If I do not feel called to spend it, I won’t. If I feel called to disconnect my energy from a specific person, place or thing, I will.

Life is a rare phenomenon. What seems so complex to us is really a complication that we create through our own thoughts and actions. Everything is solvable. Everything you’re defining as a hardship is something you’re capable of overcoming. Nothing is rocket science. It is honestly what you CHOOSE to feed that continues to live. Only what you give attention to grows energetically. Every day I think about the choices I make, the life I am creating and the legacy I want to leave behind. All that I strive for is unattainable if I act on my own accord. I am guided by many unforeseen powerful forces, forces that guide me to live intentionally.

It is through intention that I make only decisions that serve my highest good. It is through intention that I am living a life of purpose, sustainability and truth. I look around daily and think about how the world we live in has developed what feels like cults. Everyone looks the same, dresses the same, acts the same, chases the same people, places and things. Think about the time you’ve wasted chasing something that wasn’t truly fulfilling to you. Think about the money you’ve spent doing things to please others when you really could have been investing in the shit that truly makes you happy.

The cultism that exists in society today has created a large swarm of non-individual thinkers. One of the biggest cancers in today’s society is the inability to think for self. You know how unintentional life is when you allow yourself to be led by what’s popular/trendy? It is a disserve to yourself and God to live such a way. It is cancerous to your mind, body and spirit to live in a space where you choose to not formulate your own opinions, think for yourself and do things that you do because you love them, not because it seems cool

The first steps to break the non-intentional life cycle is:

Realizing that your life is made up of choices: Everything you do, you aren’t being forced to do. You have the choice everyday to live intentionally. No one is forcing you to do otherwise.

Self-Evaluate: The biggest answer to our life’s most troubling problems lies within ourselves. How are you contributing to your lack of intentional direction in life? Your self-evaluation leads to a great awaken if you allow. Evaluate what you think, speak and believe on a daily.

Evaluate Your Surroundings: If you surround yourself with 5 misinformed, unintentional beings, you’ll be the 6th. Life is not be lived being consumed or tied down to environments that are constantly leading you astray. If you’re unmotivated, uninspired or purely unproductive in your circle, your connections aren’t intentional. Surround yourself with those that inspire you to live intentionally.

Going Forward:

Learn from your past mistakes: changed behavior is best corrected when you’re tired of your own shit. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Practice living an intentional life that allows you to use those mistakes as stepping stones to propel you forward.

Be Intentional with Your Life Goals: setting intentions about where you want to go I life is how you get there. When we have no goals or we’re afraid to ground ourselves in achieving our best life, we create a cycle of unintentional living. Set goals for yourself. The type of goals that are going to force you to level up no matter what.

Live by Your Own Truth: stop creating experiences, spending money, going places for the sake of impressing people who don’t care. It’s amazing how the culture has shifted into believing as long as they look the part, they don’t have to be the part. It’s a false narrative. Many of us now live by how we appear on the outside while neglecting the truth of what we feel internally. Your truth is your passage to freedom. Your truth is your road to eternal wisdom and intentional ways of living. Seek your truth and let that continue to guide you through life. Blessings!


Love and LifeAmber Janae