There's No Harm In Choosing A Different Route


I was driving home the other day, and something told me “take another route.” I don’t know why the message came through, but I knew if I received it, it was for a reason. So, I did as I was told. I took another route.

On this alternate route home, I noticed things that I had never seen before. I saw the glimmer in the sky just before the sun begins to set. I noticed and appreciated the scent of fresh air after a spring rain. I fell in love with the greenery that isn’t always visible from my regular route.

I valued how I felt while experiencing a moment I don’t typically experience on a day to day basis. It was refreshing to feel, see, hear and experience something that felt brand new. I say all this to say, sometimes in life we’re being called to reroute ourselves.

It’s easy to become comfortable in your current situation. It’s easy to conform to what you know, stick to your every day mundane plan without making any changes. I ask this with love, “how is the same routine serving you?” How are you evolving? How are you opening yourself up to growth if you’re afraid to change the direction in which you’re traveling?

Change is terrifying. The unknown often reminds me of the feeling I felt when I boarded my first aircraft as a child. It was paralyzing to put my life in someone else’s hands. I had to trust a pilot whom I had never met to get me to my destination safely. When I arrived, it was like freedom. I was no longer afraid of the destination because I trusted that each time, I’d reach get to where I needed to be safely. Why did I trust so freely? Because I’ve never known a time that God has failed me. I’ve never known a time where I wasn’t exactly where I needed to be, even if I experienced hardships along the way.

Some of you are afraid to re-route. Some of you are afraid to take a chance and redirect the path of your life. Some of you are so comfortable in your present circumstances that you don’t even realize that you’re harming yourself trying to cling so tightly to what needs to be released.

It’s time. That toxic relationship you’ve held on to for too long is suffocating you on many levels. It’s time to re-route. That job you once loved is now something you only hold onto because it pays the bills. It’s time re-route and go after what makes me you happy. Those friends that you’re loyal to because of time are actually a hindrance to your growth. It is time to love yourself a little bit more and say goodbye to the people, places, and things that are weighing you down.

I cannot overstate how important it is to love, value and trust yourself enough to choose a life without pain and struggle. How do you do this? You allow!!!! You chose the path of least resistance, and you allow God to work in your life. Despite what our past circumstances may have taught us, none of us were created to live in pain or struggle.

Abundance is your birthright. Unconditional love is your birthright. Relationships that pour into you and do not drain you are your birthright. If you feel you have yet to experience either of these things, it is a choice, you’ve chosen not to. You are not being punished; you do not have bad luck; you have merely conditioned yourself to believe that this is all that life has to offer. When you’re ready to accept there is more to life, you will experience the shift. Remember that your reality is always by choice, you’re not being forced.

Take a different route!

Love and LifeAmber Janae