The True Essence of A Solid Sister Circle and Why Having One Is Important


The more I awaken into the woman that I am called to be, the more I realize my power. With that realization comes the desire to only be surrounded by individuals who understand, respect, value and uplift the woman I am. My introversion has prevented a lot in this lifetime. It has also been a savior in most cases. Being a powerful woman you only want to attract those same kinds of friendships. When your vibrations are low you’re more inclined to attract people on your level. It was during my teenage years when I started to desire more fruitful, meaningful relationships. It wasn't until adulthood that I was blessed with a powerful sister circle.

A reader reached out to me the other day and asked if could provide insight on how to attract a strong sister circle and explain why a strong sister circle is important. From my own personal experience, I can say it starts with self-reflection and your own personal growth. My desire for fruitful friendships with women I call my sisters were often met with disappointment and disloyalty. For years I pointed the blame at others but not seeing the significance in those connections and realizing they were emphasizing I had work to do on me. I became the woman I wanted to attract. Attracting power in others starts with elevating your own. And then you begin to realize why these connections are so valuable…

"The true essence of a sister circle is found in the quality of circle, not the quantity." - AJ

 They Hold You Accountable

My sisters have become my teachers and also the very people who hold me accountable when I make mistakes. We often don’t realize when we’re operating on low vibratory frequencies, but the people who know us best do. When I am not myself it is my sister circle who reminds me to be vocal about what I am presently dealing with and to be honest if I am in pain. When we are afraid to face our fears we're encouraging each other to take that leap of faith and conquer what our minds try to convince us we are incapable of doing. Even if our fears consist of zip lining through open forest on an island across the world, we hold each other accountable to be strong in the pursuit of conquering our fears. Your sisters are there to hold you accountable when you’re not aligned mentally, physically and most importantly, spiritually.

They Inspire You

The first thing I sought out when I changed as a woman was to meet like-minded women who inspired me to be greater. The thing about having close-knit friendships that turn into sisterhood is, you grow to trust each other with everything, this includes life advice. When you’re surrounded by goal-oriented driven women they inspire you to want the same for yourself. My sister circle very often encourages me to want more than I already have. Your sister circle should be your support and encouragement in career, relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. My sister circle is powerful. We all individually bring something different to the circle which makes us such a powerful force. What one lacks the other picks up. We forever inspire each other to grow and be better.

You Have Someone Who Knows Your Struggles

As women, we’re often able to relate to each other on so many levels. There isn’t nothing that you’re going through that someone hasn’t already experienced or is currently going through. The good thing about this is, having someone who relates to you on so many levels gives you the support you need to heal and prosper in life. One of my best friends would force me out of the house when I wanted to stay in and mope over my breakup. Every time I tried to force myself to stay inside she was there. She listened to me cry, but she also never let me wallow in my own pain. Her support and understanding of my struggle also helped me to heal. That’s a real sisterhood.

You Discover Your True Self

Those that you surround yourself with should not only bring out the best in you but they should also help to elevate who you are. If you’re remaining the same you and not experiencing any growth, there are high chances that the circle you’re surrounded with isn’t helping you discover your true self. When you’re not discovering new things about who you are it also becomes challenging to grow beyond what you know in order to elevate into a better version of yourself. To remain the same means that you’re missing the true essence of your time here on this earth. Connecting with a circle that helps you to discover who you are, the best things about you and what you lack is very powerful and what every woman should aim for in life. Cheers to healthy, prosperous sister circles!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Love and LifeAmber Janae