Live Bodly, Know Thyself


There’s been a wide-spread discussion lately as we settle into the new year. The focus has been on self and a lot of us discovering who we truly are to our core. I learned that when I am not functioning as myself in my everyday life, I feel imbalanced, off centered almost. This is an energy commonly defined as being out of alignment. When you’re not in alignment, there’s always that feeling of a deep longing or urgency that will forever go unfulfilled when trying to fill one’s voids with external things. With the rise in social media platforms and constant connectivity to the lives of others, it’s almost like most of the world has unwillingly lost touch with their identity. Many people have built a life based on an image they’ve created but are so far removed from who they are. It is hard to settle into yourself once in direct view of others because there is often a deep-rooted fear of judgment.

How will the world perceive me? Will they look at me differently? Will I appear as fake or untrue? Will people still love me? We are more worried about the world accepting us before we learn to accept ourselves. I say all of this because I recently had a long-time supporter of my blog reach out to me. She asked all these questions on how to become this, that and the other. She wanted to know the best approaches to take something on because I made it look so great.

The first question I asked was “are you passionate about this? Does this move you? Do you feel excitement deep within your soul when you think about pursuing this?” All of these questions she was unable to answer directly. She had become enamored with the idea of how it appeared to her on the outside looking in. She was ready to exhaust herself, invest time, money and effort into something that she was not passionate about. When we are unsure of who we truly are we lose a connection within ourselves that guides us to walk in our purpose.

You don’t find your purpose, you are your purpose. Everything you do is your purpose, and the more you can align with that and know your purpose is within, the more you will begin to feel with purpose in your life.” – Unknown

The above quote was a quote I came across online. It was profound to me because it solidified a realization that I had come to terms with a long time ago. God cannot bless who you pretend to be. You cannot find solace or peace in the things that you do in your everyday life when you’re trying to recreate someone else’s life. Living to recreate an existence that is not your own is a full-time job. It’s exhausting. You don’t have time to manifest that vision, you don’t have time to chase that goal because you’re overly occupied with a lifestyle or vision that is not of your own. When you align with your TRUTH then and only then will you begin to feel a true connection to life on earth.

Think about your daily life for a moment. Think about the things that you wear, the things that you buy, your extracurricular activities, the relationship you’re in, the friendships you maintain, ponder on it all. Why do you pursue the things that you do? Is it because you truly have a deep love for it? Is it because it looks good when someone else is doing it or is it because society has conditioned you to believe this is what is required of you at this age? When you are not settled in your authenticity you feel like your clock is endlessly ticking. You’re more inclined to rush through life, make decisions on an impulse and force yourself into situations to keep up with the world around you.

When you know who you are at your core. When you’re living in your truth there is no rush to life, there is no desire to be anything or do anything that doesn’t align with who you are. At the core of our desires, they’re either attached to purposeful meaning or unauthenticity. If you do not know yourself, you end up living a life that is not in full alignment with your truth. Make now the time that you work hard to get in tune with who you truly are. Live boldly, know thyself fully. Sending you all love and blessings.

Love and LifeAmber Janae