My First Interview of 2019 w/ The The Pineapple Pen


Amber has a myriad of creative strengths from writing to graphic design and most recently, interiors. I first learned of Amber through her digital magazine, The Core. The gorgeous imagery coupled with wisdom-filled words that told stories of self acceptance, healing, wellness and comprehensive self care resonated with me. Interior design is an organic extension of this talented and beautiful woman. Learn more about her newest venture, Amber Janae Interiors and get inspired by her interview below.

What led you to start Amber Janae Interiors?

I believe I was divinely led. I had spent so many years not pursuing the things that made me happiest, interior design was one of those things. Since a young girl, I’ve always had a deep love for interior design. Growing up my mom had a lot of passion projects which often consisted of decorating our home(s) with DIY projects. So, in a sense, it was embedded in me as a child. When I was about 15 or 16 my parents began investing heavily into residential properties. During this time, I was front and center of the staging process of homes for renting and selling purposes. It was fascinating. I was able to pick up on a lot. In 2014 I got a job at a commercial furniture dealer working as a marketing coordinator. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I desired to be on the other side of things. I worked closely with a lot of the designers and was so intrigued by what it is that they did. In a one on one meeting with my boss one day, she asked me why I was working with the company. She wanted to know why I hadn’t pursued interior design because I was so good with visual concepts. That conversation planted a seed and I quietly worked toward Amber Janae Interiors since then. Essentially, it was my parents who had given me my first real opportunity by giving me a job staging their properties. I’ve been a roll since!

What’s your favorite interior design style?

Honestly, that’s so hard for me to answer, I hate to choose. I am a mixture of a few styles. Industrial is at the top of my list. Growing up I was always fascinated by warehouses and lofts. I love the raw feel of an industrial design style. High ceilings, metals, brick, I get excited thinking of it all. (laughter) I made a vow to myself that I would never purchase a property if it was a traditional style home. I will only ever buy a loft. I am still on the hunt for the perfect one in the Bay Area. I think a lot of people who follow me on social media have figured out my deep love for rustic and farmhouse design styles as well.

If you had to style a room with only 5 items, what would they be and why?

I’ve actually done this before. My 5 items would have to be a nice comfortable sofa, a coffee table, lounge chair, a floor plant and a great piece of art. If I only have 5 items to style my living room, incorporating a sofa and lounge chair is important in an area that I know will most likely be a high traffic or high conversational area. It you’re going to gather in a space, you’ll need to do it comfortably. Plants are also another significant factor for any space in your home because they serve so many valuable purposes. Plants are known to improve your health by purifying the air in a space helping you to breathe easier. Plants also are known to reduce stress, anxiety and help strengthen your focus. In a common area, such as a living room, plants are necessary in my opinion. Art is imperative because any space without it feels dull or incomplete to me. Lastly, a coffee table to me is equivalent to a dining table’s centerpiece, it just adds character to a room.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A few years back I was a part of the media team for Oprah’s “Life You Want” tour. Oprah closed out a night telling us that “Life is always speaking to you. Every moment in your life represents a thread that is connecting the dots of each experience you encounter.” I took that advice to heart. From that day forward, I always looked at each experience trusting that regardless of the outcome, there was an opportunity for me to learn, grow, or to simply love more. Now that I have adapted that perspective. I look back on everything I’ve ever been through in life and see how it all led me here. I now see how the threads and dots connected, why I needed it all. It all served a purpose, it is why I am who I am today.

This article was orignally written and posted via The Pinapple Pen.