A List of My Favorite Self Love Sunday Rituals


We know it’s coming. We anticipate its arrival and even when it does arrive we all pretend we’re utterly surprised. Oh Sunday! It’s the bittersweetness of a Sunday morning. It’s the knowledge we have all day to do whatever the hell we want, but cringing at the fact that we have to call it in early enough to awake beautified and energized come Monday morning. Sunday has actually become my favorite day of the week. It is the day that I get to relax endlessly but also does my Sunday rituals that help me to have a better week. The only thing comforting about a Sunday for me is knowing that I have all day to cater to myself. Here are a few of my favorite Self-love Sunday rituals that I hope will inspire you to cater to you a little bit more before starting your week.

Spend The Day Beautifying Yourself

I have a mud mask that I apply every Sunday. I make sure that I spend time doing things that make me feel like my most confident self. Facials, mud or spiritual baths, pedi’s and medi’s it all makes me feel amazing and helps to get me prepared for the week ahead.

Sleep In

Because I can never have too much sleep. I actually force myself to sleep in on Sunday’s. Even if I have trouble actually sleeping, I make sure to stay in bed longer than usual. Getting the proper relaxation time on Sunday is a great way for me to not feel cheated come Monday morning. I sleep in just late enough that I can still awake and have time to do other things throughout the day. And if I am lucky enough (which I force myself to be) I have time later to crawl in bed and watch Netflix and fall asleep mid-binge watch.

Cook A Good Meal

It is something about cooking a home cooked meal on a Sunday that is very therapeutic for me. Cooking is one of those things that take a lot out of me and my day, but it also helps to calm me. I am usually listening to some smooth jazz or twerk ‘in around the stove because it just helps make the process better lol. It’s also a good way prep for the next day or week ahead.  Did someone say meal prep? All that cooking means you have leftovers for lunch. Thank me later!


There’s nothing like putting your thoughts and feelings on paper. For me journaling helps for me to truly understand whatever it is that I am feeling. I love assessing my feelings because it helps for me to identify if I am in a good healthy space. Journaling for me is my gateway to better days. Spending a few hours journaling on a Sunday can really put a change in your mood which will better support the flow of how you begin your week.

Don’t Make Sunday Feel Like A Monday

Honestly, truly…

Sunday’s are made for Sundaying. This means if you’re spending the day forcing yourself to work or cram last minute things into your Sunday, you’ll actually go into the week feeling like you haven’t had much of a break at all. If I know I have work that needs to be done I try to complete it on a Friday night or early Saturday morning. I do not like to sacrifice my Sunday nights working extra-long hours and you shouldn’t either.  Please enjoy your weekend!

Spend Time Surrounded By Love

If it’s you providing all the love to yourself then that’s cool too. I love a good Sunday when I can spend time with those nearest to my heart. It gives me the chance to let loose, be open and free with who I am. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday full of carefree activities and laughter. Whether it’s a day out on the town with the girls or herbal teas while Netflix’n and chilling with bae. There is no such thing as too much love. Remember, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.