3 Great Ways to Reconnect With Yourself Through Self-Care


It’s no secret that for years I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. My struggles have really taught me the power and importance of self-care. I am at my best when I devote all of my time to me. I feel most free when I know that I am fully taken care of and not relying on outside forces to be my savior. Over the years I’ve developed many habits and routines that help me to honor and care for myself. When we start to feel overworked, drained or emotionally depleted, it’s often a sign that self-investment is missing from our lives. I wanted to share a few ways I get back on track by devoting time to myself through self-care.

Pampering Yourself

Pedicures, facials, massages, are all a form of self-care and great ways to reconnect with yourself. When I know that I have been neglecting myself I make it a point to do all of my pampering alone. I know it’s common for us to call up a girlfriend or a family member to have them join us for a girl’s day out, but if the focal point is reconnecting with ourselves, it's best to do these activities by yourself. Time alone always helps us to strengthen our bond with ourselves, especially when treating ourselves to nice things.

Relaxing While Burning Candles and Incense

As soon as I walk through my door the first thing I do is light a candle. This time for me is really meditative and relaxing. I am spending time alone, being me, and enjoying me. The majority of the candles I do light while relaxing are white, often scented (Vanilla, Fresh Gardenia, Lavender.) White candles are said to drive away negative energy while bringing peace, tranquility, truth, and purity into space. So, for me burning a white candle every night is my way to become one with myself while also welcoming in protection, healing, and purification from anything I may have carried with me from others throughout the day. I also burn incense simultaneously. I burn Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Lavender.

Amber incense is said to attract happiness, comfort, and love.

Vanilla incense is said to attract love and increase your thought powers.

Sandalwood incense is said to increase spiritual awareness. Also known for blocking out evil, unwanted spirits.

Lavender incense is said to help you rest calmly or sleep peacefully. Also can be used to invoke love, healing, and happiness in your space.

These are just a few of my favorite scents. There are tons out there so, please research and find what best suits you.


The easiest way to connect with myself or get to the root of how I am feeling is through honesty. I do this by honestly writing down all that I am feeling. For me, it’s very common to think about how I am feeling. The downside is, I often attempt to suppress those feelings out of fear of them multiplying. This is very unhealthy. The chance of my negative emotions multiplying is actually greater if they're forcefully suppressed or not dealt with at all. This is why I take the time to journal. I am caring for myself by choosing to fearlessly be open about what I am experiencing internally. If I am away from home and do not have access to my journal I take notes on my phone. Any way to record these thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a good way. The best thing we can do to reconnect with our true selves is to be brutally honest with what we’re what we’re feeling and why. Don’t hold back from yourself because you then begin to deny yourself honesty and healing. Self-care is essential and of high importance. If we are neglecting to care for ourselves we are creating space to attract likeness is all forms, in every area of our lives. Be intentional about your self-care.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

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