Daily Mantras and Affirmations to Keep You Centered Throughout Your Day


The energy lately has had me feeling like a ticking time bomb one moment and super peaceful the next. Most days, I feel like I'm only physically present while I'm mentally and spiritually elsewhere. It takes a lot for us to stay spiritually, mentally and emotionally grounded. A lot of things occur in our lives that tend to throw us off balance or cause us to question our path in life.

When I lack stability in my mind, body, heart, and soul I feel defeated. I feel like I've lost so much of myself in so little time. What I have to constantly remind myself is that these feelings are merely a result of me giving my power away. Every day we should be working twice as hard to set boundaries, remain grounded and not let unfortunate circumstances shake our foundation. We should always be reminding ourselves how blessed and amazing we are.

Being hyper-aware and increasing the ways in which you monitor your thoughts, actions and how you speak to yourself makes a huge difference daily. Your awareness makes it easier to recognize negative destructive patterns that require correction. One of the ways I combat my self-destructive patterns is by speaking life into myself all day every day. Here are a few affirmations/mantras to recite throughout the day to keep you centered and in a great space.

In the Morning

I get it, a lot of us are not morning people. A lot of us are awake simply because we have to be. I hope that none of us are using our valuable time working dead-end jobs that aren’t self-satisfying. If you do fall into this category, I want you to focus on channeling your energy to putting yourself in more soul-satisfying situations. Each morning, tell yourself:

Today is going to be a beautiful day. It is a new beginning, new opportunities for me to manifest the life I desire. Everything that occurs today is working in favor of my highest good.”

No matter the situation, circumstance or problem, I am divinely guided and protected."

Abundant opportunities exist out in the Universe for me.”

Your mornings should begin with a clear mind and an open heart. Say your prayers, meditate, have a glass of ice cold water, recite your affirmations and be intentional. Stay away from your phone until you feel 100% grounded in your own emotions. Also, if you have to commute into work, try listening to an inspiring podcast or an audiobook. Just go out into the world each day committed to living your best life.

In the Afternoon

The day is part way over by this time (well at least for most of us.) By the time the afternoon rolls around we’ve had a substantial amount of human interaction. If we’re lucky, these interactions were tension and drama free. But, we must admit, there is always a part of life that can get us down if we allow it to. When you need to bring yourself back to center mid-day, tell yourself:

Despite what has occurred I am still abundantly blessed.”

There is nothing or no one that I allow to have power over me. If I allow it to control me then I accept full accountability that I’ve given it power.”

The day is almost over, despite what has occurred it doesn’t take away that the day is still beautiful, grand, and a blessing.”

I am powerful. I am co-creator of my life. I possess the power to shapeshift whatever I feel requires adjustments.”

In the Evenings

It’s important that we focus not bringing anything from our workday, school etc. home with us. I power off my work phone the moment I step out of the building. While I commute home, I am refocusing my mind on my life outside of work. I try my hardest not to discuss anything work in my personal, private time. Our evenings are a time for quality time, reassessment, and readjustment. Before bed, ask yourself:

Am I holding onto anything that occurred from the day?”

Am I in a healthy mind and heart space before I rest my head and prepare for the next day?

Am I am committed to releasing all of that no longer serves me to ensure that I rest well and wake up the next morning revitalized and emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced?

What are some daily affirmations or mantras that you all tell yourself daily? Looking forward to you sharing, drop a comment.

Photo Cred: Adereni Fashokun, Life Coach


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

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