How to Attract Abundance In Your Everyday Life


One of the first questions I always ask myself is “How are you receiving?” In other words, what I am doing to attract bigger and better things in my life. In my opinion Abundance doesn't always equate to material possessions. I like to make sure my soul is balanced enough to receive the right people, and opportunities. I want to be sure that my mind is clear enough to be receptive to the right channels that are going to help bring an abundance of creativity and ideas to propel me forward career-wise. I am a feisty one, so I often have to check myself and ask if my attitude is blocking doors or opening up new ones? I think of life being controllable by our actions and our very own thoughts. The Law of Attraction is really real. In fact, it can be a little too real at times. I have so much I wish to achieve, but realized that without certain shifts and changes in my everyday life I’ll have a hard time receiving the blessings I so desperately desire. The negativity in our lives creates clutter. Eventually, that clutter begins to crowd space, the space you need and no longer have to receive all that you desire. Here’s what to focus on to ensure you are creating space in your life for abundance and prosperity in every aspect.

Acknowledge Your Current Blessings 

The easiest way to stunt the chances of attracting new blessings is living in expectancy to receiving something new and not being grateful for what you presently have. Living without gratitude is a way to live forever unhappy. If I am always living for the next thing I am never completely satisfied when it does arrive. I just enjoy being grateful and blessed with what I have and that is how I attract an abundance of more blessings.

Shift Your Perspective

I live by the motto “Change your mindset, change your life.” Your thoughts are really powerful. Often what we think become words that are later regretfully spoken. There is power in the tongue and often our words become reality. I have had terrible habits in the past thinking myself deeper and deeper into a depressive state. I hear all of the time that thoughts are so hard to control, when in reality if you’re centered on positive things 24/7 you’ll be fine. How I keep positive thoughts flowing is I pray and talk to God often. I listen to good, upbeat music. I am constantly reading motivational books, articles, quotes and so much more. You are what you’re influenced by so I am always making sure to surround myself with positive influences.

Change How You Treat Others

There was once a time when I treated everyone how I felt. Not because I am an evil spirited person, but because it was easier that way. When you’re down and out it almost kills you to see others happy. What we fail to realize is we attract how we react. Karma is real and what you’re putting out into the world is sure to come back to you tenfold. Reevaluating how I conduct myself in the presence of others really changed my life. I focus on how I am treating people daily. What’s also important is how we receive news of other people’s blessings. When we aren’t happy for others we are leaving room for doors to remain shut on us. Often what you’re jealous or envious of is what you want. Does it make sense to hate on what you want? If God is blessing them trust that he’s in the neighborhood and blessings are coming your way.

Evaluate How You View/Treat Yourself

If you aren’t royalty to you than how can you expect the same treatment from others? I once lacked so much love and respect for myself it was sickening. My terrible treatment toward myself was also the gateway for others to treat me just the same. When you’re used to something it’s hard to know when enough is enough of the same harmful mistreatment. We tend to subject ourselves to what we think we deserve, not understanding that we have the power to change it so effortlessly. When I changed how I treated me I attracted others who valued and respected me just as much as I respected myself. You are the mirror of the world. There’s no way to receive the blessings of quality people who value you, you if you aren’t mirroring the same. Just food for thought.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


Photo Cred: Aurora James - Founder of Brother Vellies

Love and LifeAmber Janae