3 Painless, Holistic Approaches to Dealing With Anxiety


Anxiety for many of us can be the pain in our lives that is never-ending. I’ve struggled with my anxiety for years. I’ve noticed that the more aware I become of myself, the more I realize how easily triggered I am. An estimated 40 million people suffer from anxiety today. When we’re triggered so many different emotions arise within us. After a while, our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing are constantly in a disarray due to our disorder.

Some of us seek professional help, but for the most part, many of us are suffering in silence. There are a lot of medicinal alternatives to coping with anxiety. It is my belief that anything a doctor prescribed tends to make any condition worse. So I don't take meds. Developing holistic approaches to better coping with your anxiety is essential. I’ve learned to find ways that help me ground myself when feeling anxious. I wanted to share a few but certainly not all of my methods in hopes they could be of service to you as well.

Eliminating Caffeine from My Diet

A lot of you are stressed at the thought of this. Some say it is easier said than done, but I am here to ensure you that it is indeed possible. Excessive consumption of over-caffeinated products has been said to increase anxiety. I’ve cut out the daily Starbucks runs. I only drink tea if it is caffeine free. I also find healthy substitutions for my old habits, such as green smoothies or fruit as opposed to coffee or lattes. With healthy substitutes, you're not only creating new habits but increasing your physical health and increasing energy levels by drinking right.  It also helps to limit your intake of junk food, processed food or anything unhealthy. We are what we eat. And our food intake plays a major role in our moods and emotional health.

Mindfulness Through Meditation

A deeper connection with ourselves is always easily achieved through stillness and silencing the mind. When feeling anxious, I take time to myself no matter where I am. I find a quiet spot where I can be alone, play meditation sounds or a guided meditation and zone out. It is through stillness that I become calm, more in tune with myself, more aware and relaxed. When I am all of these things it allows me to become stronger and not give the disorder power of my mind, body, and spirit. The time I spend in a meditative state all depends on where I am at the time. If I am at work, I usually use my 15-minute breaks as meditation time. When at home, traveling or wherever, I take all the time that I need to get myself back centered.


I have lavender beads in my car. I have lavender in my home, I smell it, I rub it on me, I bathe in it. You name it, lavender is and has always been my go-to method for calming my anxiety. Studies show that those who breathe in or rub themselves down with lavender are less affected by feelings of anxiousness. I purchased an oil diffuser a while back. Shout out to HeyFranHey for the recommendation. My oil diffuser is a pure spa deluxe aromatherapy diffuser by Pure Enrichment. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The diffuser helps to relieve stress, reduce headaches (I suffer from chronic migraines) increase concentration, alleviate allergies and so much more. I add drops of lavender into my diffuser pretty much every day. The scent of lavender is known to assist in getting calm, proper rest. It also can be used to invoke love, healing, and happiness in your space. Try rubbing yourself down with lavender essential oils or getting you a diffuser and dropping some lavender in there. It’s guaranteed to help you curb those anxious feelings.

WellnessAmber Janae