Opportunities, A List of Things That May Be Keeping You From Them


Every day I am looking at my calendar thinking where the hell did time go? I set a lot goals for myself to achieve in the year of 2016 and I am just getting started. Let’s be honest, a lot can happen in a year. I’d be lying if I said a lot hasn’t happened already. I’ve noticed that every time I am presented with a new opportunity or venture I get nervous. A little bit of fear runs through me and I catch myself contemplating if I have the necessary skills to make it happen.

The old saying “life begins when you step out of your comfort zone” sounds so cliché, but it’s the honest truth. Nothing really comes to those of us who refuse to explore. Nothing comes to those of us who refuse to take on new risk and challenges. If you want it bad enough you suck up the anxiety, push out the fear and get to work. One of my goals in 2016 was to quit talking myself out of opportunities. When they knock take them. Yes, new jobs, career changes, and fresh opportunities can be scary. But one thing I have learned, if it doesn’t scare me half to death it isn’t worth it. Here’s a list of things that may be holding you back from new opportunities.

1. Asking for Other People’s Permission:

You don’t need permission from anybody to flourish in life. I once had a bad habit of running my dreams and visions by others to see what they thought. 9 chances out of 10 people will either give you advice that best suits them or tells you something that talks you out of the opportunity altogether. Stop asking for permission to be great.

"Nothing really comes to those of us who refuse to explore. Nothing comes to those of us who refuse to take on new risk and challenges."

2. Waiting Until You’re An Expert to Take On Something New:

I knew nothing about publishing a book I just knew how to write. I knew nothing about starting a blog, but I knew how to write. There are a lot of us who tell ourselves I need to learn X, Y, Z before I commit to starting a new venture, but in reality, our obsession with being perfect can hold us back or prevent us from ever getting started at all. There isn’t one thing in life that’ll be 100% perfect. I find that I learn better by hands-on experience as opposed to doing non-stop research before I begin. Just go for it!

3. Not Being Clear About Goals:

If you lack an understanding of what you and why you want it, you lack a lot. When we aren’t clear on our career goals and expectations life gets blurry. It’s hard for us to attract certain opportunities let along accept them if we’re unclear about what we want. Be clear about your goals.

4. Questioning Yourself:

Just say no. The moment you doubt yourself is the moment you allow the enemy of fear to overtake your life. If you don’t believe in you other people won't either. Yes, it’s extremely hard to be confident 24/7, but in order to be successful, we have to learn that we are nothing without belief in who we are and what we’re capable of.

5. Focusing too Much on The Status of Personal Relationships:

Guilty!!! Slowly raises hand.

It’s true. Relationships are important to us, but at times we can make them far too important. You’re constantly thinking about how your career is affecting others or how taking an opportunity will affect a certain relationship. We have to learn to consider how opportunities that we’re presented with are beneficial to us in the long run, not how they benefit those we surround ourselves with. When we are on the road to achieving great things relationships and social life take a backseat. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s natural. If the people in your life can’t support this then that’s their loss. We have to learn to consider what works best for us more than we consider what works best for the people in our lives.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.  

Photo Cred: Amerie via BeautyBooksAmeriie.com

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