In The Home | Creating Space for Black Owned Interior Decor Brands


It’s always been important for me to do something I’ve never done before, challenge myself to reach new limits. I pride myself on cultivating online spaces that support local business. I wanted to be sure that I touch on a field where black creatives are often overlooked or forgotten, in the world of Interior Design.

Taking a dual-career approach to life is something that most of the world views as painful and unnecessary. The constant stresses of having to find a healthy balance between work life and creative ventures can be daunting for most. Balancing both is something we see as exhilarating. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you possess the power to successfully manage the responsibilities of life all while nurturing your creative passions through one or more side hustles.

Like us, for Brittiny Terry, her day job and creative projects go hand-in-hand. Having spent close to ten years as a Bay Area resident attending college while simultaneously building her professional career, there were many passion projects she picked up along the way. One of them being, shopping at local boutiques, collecting timeless, one of a kind wardrobe pieces. Over time, her keen sense of style had begun spilling over into the process of decorating her 2nd-floor apartment in the Piedmont District of Oakland, CA.

It didn’t take long for this multi-talented, business savvy woman to realize that life in the Bay Area was only temporary for her. For the sake of fully investing in her creative desires, moving home was now a top priority. When she isn’t working as a financial professional in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, Brittiny is shopping for uniquely crafted, handpicked household goods to sell in her online boutique, Effortless Composition. In the beginning, finding inspiration to launch her store was difficult at times. If you hadn’t noticed, interior décor and online home boutiques is a space where men and women of color are largely underrepresented.

Because the representation in the media of black interior designers is so far behind, Terry’s focus was all about curating a brand that would shed light on the wide-spread issue that blacks in the interior world are largely overlooked and often unrecognized.

“Effortless Composition includes an assortment of uniquely crafted home accessories. Such as handmade crafts made by local artisans from the inner cities of Los Angeles. My goal through Effortless Composition is to provide timeless pieces and design inspiration that can be incorporated in any home. Additionally, I aim to empower people of color through representation and partnership.”

The inception of Effortless Composition was also a way a for Brittiny to focus on the building partnerships and alliances with local artisans of color, bringing exposure to their handcrafted work. “My only desire is to bring business back to community’s that matter. It’s important for me to share the work of the artist that not only work hard at what they do but who look like me.” If you’re ever in the mood to integrate beautiful, one of a kind, handcrafted pieces in your home, Effortless Composition offers a variety of unique pieces to choose from. You can shop the collections or learn more about the founder at