When I Feel Like I've Failed Myself

Today I am a complete, incompetent mess. I feel insignificant, inadequate and undeserving. I feel unloved and deprived of what it is I need to thrive and be great in life. I stopped counting. I stopped looking ahead. In fact, I stopped believing that there is still time for me. I’ve run out of time. I am a failure. Success does not await me. My time has lapsed more than once. I guess I’ll give up now.

These aren’t necessarily my real feelings today.

However, I do feel like this every now and then. How many of you get these same random feelings of despair? How many of you feel like because you didn’t win in the moments you were expecting to that you’re a complete failure? You won’t always cross the finish line with every attempt toward a victory. You just won’t, face that fact. Because we don’t win does not mean we’re any less incapable of achieving success. It just becomes easier for us to hold our losses captive. It’s just easier for us to determine the fate of our future based on our shortcomings. We have to learn to STOP this destructive habit.

One disappointment isn’t the end of the world. You handle all adversities by reminding yourself life will go on and one derailment doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Tell yourself:

It Always Looks Better When It Isn’t Yours

We are often distracted by lives that aren’t ours. We are thrown off our course of living because another person’s life appears more successful or appealing than our own. Reality sets in and you realize with every scroll on Instagram and Twitter you’re not where you want to be because everyone appears to be living a better life than you. The truth is, we convince ourselves that the grass is greener on the other side. It’s all smoke and mirrors, boo. The beauty of life is, we don’t all live it the same. We aren’t always on the same path at the same time. It always looks better when it isn’t yours. The key is learning to appreciate all that you have right now.

It Could Be a Hell of a lot Worse

9 times out of 10 it could be worse than it already is. You’re stressing yourself out over what life has become presently all while forgetting there is not one obstacle that you’ve failed to overcome. No matter how heavy the burden was, it was lifted… You prevailed. You're built for adversities. You’re built to overcome the difficult things life throws your way. It isn’t the end of the world when life pitches you a curveball. Fight through it and keep pushing.

Stop Living for the Outcome and Start Living In the Moment

We’re all way too pressed to see all of what is in store for us for the future. We rush life. We risk our present happiness by stressing of what’s to come in the future. Do you know how much time we all waste? How often we miss the opportunity of being happy because we’re stressed about things we can’t even foresee happening? I can tell you for free that your life process is far more fulfilling that than the destination the process leads you to. You can’t handle the destination if you’ve spent all of your time ignoring the valuable lessons on the journey. Life is full of hardships, ups and downs, heartbreaks and negative account balances, it gets better. While we can’t claim every victory as our own, our losses are preparing us for one big ass win, embrace it!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.