Welcoming July Intentionally.


So, to no surprise at all, my newsletter is late. It’s late for no other reason than I didn’t realize it was a brand-new month. If you know me, you know I am on time for EVERYTHING. When I am late for anything people worry. The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me. I am in a space where I don’t really know if I am coming or going. The other night on a drive home from Chic-Fil-A, everything in me wanted to continue driving to Los Angeles. I literally was just ready to go without a care in the world.

That’s been me lately. I am ready for something new. I am ready for a spark. I am ready to experience the joys of manifestation, but because it has not been happening as I thought it would or when I thought it would, I’ve been a little doubtful. I have been really fearful, and it’s had a huge impact on my everyday mood. Fear is crippling. Because of fear I’ve been afraid to continue to live. I’ve been afraid to continue to have fun. I’ve been overwhelmed with anxiety and at times unfocused. I am lacking faith. I am never this way. I pray to God every day to restore my heart and mind back to its normal joyful state.

I pray for the strength to continue to keep moving forward while walking in true faith. It’s true that even as much as we pray, we still experience those feelings. The key is, not allowing these feelings to become you. It’s important to not allow yourself to continue to question your process by seeking answers from sources outside of yourself when God has already revealed to you the answers. Your time is coming. The manifestation has commenced. It is one thing to know these things, say these things, but it is a whole other thing to believe and walk in what you believe. Live like as if the reality to dream about already exist. Live as if everything you desire, you already have. Be mindful of your thoughts. There is power in the mind and in the tongue. Focus only on that which you do want, not what you do not want.

Last year sometime, I wrote a blog post about how I overcome the thoughts and feelings of feeling like a failure. I thought that today was an opportune time to relive this blog post and reshare in today’s newsletter. Our fears, powerless emotions and thoughts only have the power we give them. Never forget this fact.
When I Feel Like I’ve Failed Myself

Today I am a complete, incompetent mess. I feel insignificant, inadequate and undeserving. I feel unloved and deprived of what it is I need to thrive and be great in life. I stopped counting. I stopped looking ahead. In fact, I stopped believing that there is still time for me. I’ve run out of time. I am a failure. Success does not await me. My time has lapsed more than once. I guess I’ll give up now.

These aren’t necessarily my real feelings today.

However, I do feel like this every now and then. How many of you get these same random feelings of despair? How many of you feel like because you didn’t win in the moments you were expecting to that you’re a complete failure? You won’t always cross the finish line with every attempt toward a victory. You just won’t, face that fact. Because we don’t win does not mean we’re any less incapable of achieving success. It just becomes easier for us to hold our losses captive. It’s just easier for us to determine the fate of our future based on our shortcomings. We have to learn to STOP this destructive habit.
One disappointment isn’t the end of the world. You handle all adversities by reminding yourself life will go on and one derailment doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Tell yourself: