Morning Routines That Can Help You Make The Most of Your Day

Several months ago, I left my job to focus on finding a better opportunity that best fits me. I have been adamant about pursuing only opportunities that I am deeply passionate about. Since I’ve been fun-employed I’ve found myself busier than I was before I stopped working. Now that I am working independently I see a strong importance in maximizing my time in the mornings. Because I am busier, it is even more important to take time out of my mornings to curate a solid routine to help me make the most of my day. Here’s a list of morning routines that help make my days more successful.

A Bottle of Water Followed by A Morning Stretch

A lot of people laugh when they realize that I sleep with a bottle of water in bed with me or next to the bed. It is important to me that the first thing I intake in the morning is water. Over time, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my alertness, physical strength and focus when I intake water and when I do not. Stretches followed by my morning water is another important part of my morning routine. When I engage in morning stretches my body feels less tense. It provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Similar effects occur for me when I meditate in the morning. Meditation is also another successful method to add to your morning routine.

Reading for At Least 20 Mins

Our mind is powerful. What you consume in the morning tends to have a lasting mental impact throughout the rest of the day. Reasons why it is imperative for me to center in on self before checking my phone, email or even answering phone calls. I find myself to be in a really great head-space when I read at least a chapter from the book I am reading at the time. Most of the books I read are about finding personal balance mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Starting your morning with a thought-provoking read can really help to transform the way you tackle your day. Also, consider adding in a healthy read before bed. Opting for a book instead of Instagram really changes the way you get rest.

A Good Skincare Routine

A morning for me really isn’t a good morning unless my skin is glowing. It’s been weeks since I’ve worn makeup. I have found a new level of comfort in not wearing it daily. I recently shared a list of products that have assisted with my skin glow up. You can check that post by clicking here. Glowing skin just does something for me personally. I feel beautiful. I always feel more than ready to step out into the world and conquer it. When time permits I even throw in a facial with my favorite face mask from Glossier.

A Cup of Tea/Coffee and/or Breakfast without Electronics

I recently tweeted about the importance of disconnecting from the world outside of you when you’re in the heart of intimate moments with yourself and others. It’s easy to be distracted during those moments of peace and tranquility. What we often forget when we indulge in our distractions is we’re taking time away from ourselves that we cannot get back. Value your peace. Value your intimate moments with self or those close to you., the morning time is the perfect time to take on this habit. 

Pull A Tarot Card

I get the question all the time “do you still read tarot?” Yes and No! Tarot is something that has long time been a part of my life. Late last year I received a message from spirit to stop offering my services on a public level. It’s been months and I still do not know why I received the message, but I never argued with it. However, tarot plays a huge role in my personal life. It’s one of my favorite, most sacred practices. Almost daily I pull a card or two to get a feel for the things I need to focus on most on a conscious and subconscious level. I often describe tarot as being the tool that leads one home to themselves. It’s often the tool that connects to the deeper parts of ourselves, the unknown/unseen. It’s become one of my favorite ways to learn more about myself and how to evolve beyond any blockages I may not be aware of, any obstacles or unseen forces. (Disclosure: tarot is a great practice, but I am very much aware that there are many people afraid of tarot. There are many great tarot readers online who do daily pulls to assist you in guidance. My favorite is @tatiannatarot. If you’re not yet ready to trust yourself with the cards, Tatianna wisdom and years of experience is a great starting point for beginners.

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