Everything You Need to Know About How I Run A Business While Freelancing and Managing a Blog


What you commit to and how you commit to it says a lot about how much you value your life and how bad you want to succeed. – AJ

Let me just keep it real, I surprise myself on the mornings I have time to apply a full face of makeup and curl my hair. I feel like my business continutes to grow. I run the blog, I offer freelance marketing consulting services. I run my own interior styling business and I a full-time, digital content manager for a major brand. I’d be lying if I said there were enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’d also be lying if I told you that I do not get burnt out or feel like giving up at times. It’s a part of life to feel overwhelmed. It’s also a part of life to have control over your day. Here are a few ways I manage creative directing a magazine, marketing/communications, freelance, and a blog.

I Am Brutally Honest When I Don't Have Time

I do not say yes to every project. I do not give others who’ve hired me unrealistic expectations on when I can have something done. I am not always motivated or inspired, so when working on a project I always factor in days when I don’t even want to look at a computer screen. You can’t be the one to always say yes to it all. I am sure I never stretch myself too thin.

Have More Than One Means of Communication

*Cues Kevin Gates - Two Phones* But, no really. I carry two phones daily and sometimes an iPad. Granted, one is my work phone and the other for my personal/professional life, but it helps. When you have too many things going on at once, all in one device it gets hectic. You lack storage space and you pretty much never catch a break. With multiple devices, I have the flexibility to manage separate calendars so I am not mixing work-related events with events for my blog etc. It’s also a lot easier to manage email accounts and incoming calls. You have to want to be organized at all times.

A large part of having multiple hustles is being able to allocate your time efficiently in order to effectively manage all that you do in one day.

I Am Big On Time Management

I do not believe in being late. I do not believe in waiting to the last-minute to get things done. I also do not believe in people wasting my time so I try my hardest not to do the same to others. It’s also important that I am managing my time so I am 100% healthy as I work. I travel a lot more than before for work purposes. Whether locally or hopping on an airplane, it’s a lot to take on daily. Time management is so crucial because literally, every minute counts. Plan ahead. Make time for down-days, in other words, pencil in days where you do absolutely NOTHING! Keep a planner, update your calendars frequently. You have to have a great morning schedule so you’re up on the go early. If you need help with a good morning routine click here.

Always Keep Your Eyes on What’s Ahead

Thinking of what you’re working toward without focusing on the destination is important. You don’t want to get so caught up in focusing on where you want to be that you miss the journey, but you also have to remind yourself that it will not be this hard forever. I worry A LOT!!! I worry if I am doing too much, if I am not doing enough, will I be everything or do everything I desire to do, will I have to work this hard forever? How I don’t drive myself crazy is, I keep in mind that all my hard work will someday pay off. I know that the sacrifices I make and have made will someday soon pay off. Don’t think about how hard it is in the moment, think about how sweet it’ll all be when it finally pays off.

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