5 Habits That Helped Me Take A More Intentional Approach to Life

These past few months have been a whirlwind for me, but all in a good way. Since the launch of my own marketing consulting firm and my interior decor business, so much of my life and myself has transitioned. I feel more like my true self. I feel more evolved, more creative and most importantly, more intentional. Life to me is about navigating through and making sure you’re making the decisions that are beneficial to your future. It is relatively easy to feel lost on our life journey. But to feel lost does not necessarily mean that we are. And even when we are lost, our guides always have a way of leading us out of the fog.

In the times that we say we're lost, we never really are, it's just a feeling. In most cases, when I do feel off track or fearful, it's because I've chosen to abandon my true self. Our journey in life is determined by two things, how well we handle it and how concerned we are that we possess the necessities required to ensure our journey is a positive, healthy one. Life is full of twist and turns. Even traveling on the right path we are sure to encounter experiences that show up to test our faith. Becoming more intentional is the first step to true progression. Here are 5 habits I inherited to ensure I am taking a more intentional approach to life every day.

Trusting My Life Process 

There is never really anything that occurs in my life that I feel incapable of managing. We will always be faced with hardships and obstacles. It's how we handle these situations that ultimately determine the fate of everything. Appreciate the moments in life where you can relax, reflect and realign. Every day may not be perfect, but we always have the ability to choose how we'll perceive our reality. Our perception of life's occurrences will always be the determining factor of our days. Perceive wisely! Aligning our perception of our life with faith is important. Trusting in our life's process is a huge part of living an intentional life. It's the understanding that regardless of what occurs you know that you are destined to live a life of greatness.

I Became Less and Less Concerned With The Opinions of The World

I stopped looking around to feel whole a long time ago. I stopped checking for what others were doing in the hopes that their lifestyle changes would help me to define who I am and where I am going. One day I woke up and decided that living to satisfy the world is setting myself up for failure. Relying on others to affirm me was continuously leaving me coming up short. I knew that in order to be confident in myself I had to silence the opinions of the world around me. You have to grow to learn what it feels like to not let other people’s opinions or assumptions shape the way you feel about you. Silence the world and change your life.

Changing My Negative Surroundings

I have made a multitude of mistakes in my life. Most of the mistakes I’ve made were a result of being surrounded by negative people or willingly indulging in negative situations. You can always take comfort in the fact that your mistakes may someday serve as a source of inspiration to someone else’s life or serve as the push you need to lead you down a healthier path in life. A more intentional way of living begins when we choose not to let energy leeches live within our personal space. To live an intentional life we must learn to put us first. Be intentional about who you give your time, love and energy to.

Learning to always choosing Love and Peace

I was once a very paranoid and negative person. I reveled in a lot of negativity simply because my mind wasn't evolved to see past the negative. When my perspective began to shift so did my life's circumstances. The moment I devoted every waking moment of my time to see my life through new eyes, shifts continued to occur. I found peace in having faith in God. I found peace in trusting that being surrounded by love and giving love is real success. A more intentional way of living for me started the moment I chose to see love in everything and everyone. By choosing peace regardless of the outcome of the situation I am faced with, I am choosing to intentionally live a better life.

Focusing On My Own Life

Being concerned with others keeps us distracted for living our own life. Some of us are so concerned that other people are living life on their own terms, they lack self-focus. You only lose a sight of how beautiful your own life is when you refuse to exercise non-judgment and not compare yourself others. Developing a sense of contentment with where I am presently was my way of being intentional about my life. It was my way of choosing to be proud of who and where I am. The key is to be intentional about staying focused on what is ahead of you and not what everyone is doing around you. Concentrating on your own path is the only sure way to continue on the path of intentional living.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

Love and LifeAmber Janae