Your Self-Care Should Always Be Your Biggest Investment

As you all know, I am a HUGE advocate for self-care. My journey to fully embrace myself over the years has been a difficult one. Not only did I have to fall in love with everything about me, but I also had to learn to release the desire to put other people’s happiness before my own. I've always been a giver, it's in my nature. I had to learn that giving too much of yourself to those who don't reciprocate your energy only ends in failure. 

Self-care is a choice. It is a self-initiated function or a combination of functions that relate to dedicating time to your well-being. Often times the choice to care more for ourselves is viewed as being overly self-indulgent. Being conscious about our personal needs is important. It is just as important to understand that self-care isn’t some one-time act. Self-care is about finding everyday strategies or actions where the primary focus is you loving you. It's also about learning to not prioritize other people's needs over our own. I once made it a priority to put other people in my life first before myself. Every time I was rejected by the people I chose to put before myself it tore me down further and further. Because of this, I subconsciously created a deep level of self-hatred.  There were times in my life where I hated the sight and thought of myself.

I had to learn to embrace my body. The fluctuating changes of my body were things I had to grow to love. My natural makeup was terrifying to me, so growing to love that wasn't always easy. It is difficult to love what rejection from others teaches you to hate. Being rejected by others can make you feel unwanted and unworthy. You reject what others reject because you see it as invaluable or not worthy enough.

Allowing the actions of others to dictate how we view ourselves plays a huge role in our act of self-care. We have to want to do right by us. We have to want to dedicate love, time and attention to ourselves. Every day I am incorporating healthy habits into my life so I am focused on my own desires, needs and wants. You can never give too much to you. There are many healthy strategies to focus on in order to focus on loving yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Here are a few self-care strategies for your everyday life.

Discovering The Areas in Your Life That Require Your Care and Attention

Self-neglect and Self-care deprivation is common for most of us. It is so important for us to take inventory in every area of our lives. We have to learn to ask ourselves what we are lacking and where we are lacking. The moment we discover we're lacking in a particular area or something within us is missing, we should be working to correct these issues within ourselves. Think about your needs. Where do you feel void most in your life? What can you provide yourself to feel those voids? Are you in agreement that if there is something that you’re lacking or there are voids to be filled that you’re responsible for this and nobody else? Often times our voids go unfilled or grow deeper due to our reliance on others instead of ourselves. Be sure that when you’re taking inventory in terms of self-care that you’re aware that only you can replenish what is missing.

Learn to Properly Process How You REALLY Feel

The difficulty with caring for ourselves or properly healing often stems from the inability to properly process our true feelings. Either we’re living in a state of denial or we are living in avoidance. We cannot change or make better what we refuse to acknowledge. We cannot resist or reject the emotional difficulties that we refuse to deal with head-on. If we’re ignoring how we feel we can’t process those emotions and find healthy ways to heal them. Learn to properly assess your emotions. Don’t grow immune to the feeling of emotional defeat. Focus on how you feel so that you’re only internalizing feelings that are healthy for you. A huge piece of self-care is about recognizing the feelings you harbor and not internalize these feelings. Make sure everything you’re internalizing is healthy and contributes to your self-care journey.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

Love and LifeAmber Janae