Failure Isn't A Loss It's A Lesson


When I first started blogging it started with  I had no idea that it would be a flop and that I'd have to start all over from scratch a few years later. When I found the courage to release my first book in 2013, I had no idea that it would take years following the original release for me to perfect the writing and get it to where it is today. Even STILL it isn't a fraction of what I want it to be. Still growing, still learning. But does that mean I've actually failed?

Failure often comes to us by surprise. When we are totally confident in something and to experience it not being what we imagined it to be, failure leaves us discouraged. It’s important that we learn failure is a temporary thing. It just a part of our storyline. No matter how much it discourages us to fail, we must accept our failures and press forward. Where would I be had I decided to give up when my first book hadn’t done what I expected of it? Where would I be had I decided to give up when my first blog didn’t pan out? It’s all about timing and most importantly it is all about your perspective. I chose to push forward. I chose to not let failure determine my onward progression. Welcoming failure is ultimately how you learn to survive.


Failure is inevitable. No matter what your journey is in life you can expect to fail at some point. Prepare yourself for it, failure is a part of the process to make you stronger. Nothing you reach for will come without a fight or a struggle. When living in expectancy of things to happen instantaneously we are actually setting ourselves up for failure and not realizing it. Welcoming failure means that you’re going to do everything in your power to pursue your dreams, but understanding that there may be roadblocks along the way and no matter what you’re faced with you’ll keep going. Failure is extremely important. It strengthens us, but it also comes equipped with so many lessons and blessings in disguise. To fail at anything hurts. Failure teaches us that all it takes is one time to feel that disappointment within us. Failure tells us that sometimes we are to blame for our lack of progress because we refuse to not live in the past. Refusing to accept the situation and move forward leaves us stagnant. Failure also creates a fire in us to persevere so that we never know the feeling of failing again.


We run from failure not actually realizing that it is a function of trying. We talk ourselves out of doing things all day long. To try is not being a failure, but not trying is indeed the greatest form of failure. The easiest way to overcome something is to face it head-on. Whenever I’ve failed at anything, I’ve used it as a tool. It’s enabled me to see my likes and dislikes, my wants versus my needs and my strengths versus my weaknesses. Failure became a tool in my life that I relied on to continue to pursue the things that may not have gone so well the first, second or fifth time around. When we fail, it should encourage us to grow past that temporary stage with understanding and acceptance. When we fail, we have to embrace it and allow it to get us excited to pursue our next ventures without fear of it not working out. Often times to fail at something only means that God wants you to reach higher.

When I think back on the launch of my first blog in 2009 the vision for it paled in comparison to what I continue to work toward with today. I failed but executed my failure. I came back with a vision, a game plan and had the plan A failed this time around. My plan B was to make Plan A work again. I knew what I wanted, and I created it step by step, embracing my failures every day. I STILL suck at a lot of things. I STILL fail, but I keep going. Seeing my vision every night in my dreams allows me to see past the possibilities of failing to step out and simply do the work it takes and never give up. Do not be afraid to fail. When you do fail, do not be afraid to continue to try. Trust that disappointment is just a redirection to the greater things God has in store for you. Stop thinking of your plan, when you do God is only going to redirect and show you just how better his plan for your life truly is. Here’s to learning to embrace failure by turning the negatives of it into positives. Keep watering the seeds you have planted.

Photo Cred: Victory Jones

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Love and LifeAmber Janae