5 Reading Nooks That'll Inspire You To Create Your Own


It’s that time of the year when reading becomes the center of all our days. It is something about the Autumn and Winter seasons that makes me want to read every book in my library or buy tons of new books and read them. As it gets closer to the New Year, this is the time where I begin setting intentions and reading books to help prepare me spiritually and mentally to embark on another life-changing journey into a brand-new year. I recently moved a few months back. I have yet to find the time to decorate my room the way that I wanted really, but I knew I wanted a personal space to read my life away and plug away at content + emails on my laptop. I created a cozy reading nook right under my bedroom windows. It’s my favorite place to cuddle and chill. So, I wanted to share a few ideas that inspired me in creating my nook, in hopes to encourage you to create your own. Take notes!


If it were up to me, I’d totally would have hung a bird-cage style chair from my bedroom ceiling. Being able to onlook natrure while reading gives off such sultry and tranquil vibes. The dim, dark blue wall coloring and plant placement help to add to that relaxation vibe.


Cozy with a pop of color! This comfty pink chair right at the top of the stairway landing is the perfect hideway for a quiet read.

This reading nook is perfect for those long hours of reading and taking a quick nap to recharge. Because we all need a reading nook with a built in book shelves and a daybed.


The picture that was my initial inspiration for my nook. All white really goes a long way in enhancing the lighting in a room. Again, for those who love the tranquil vibes, simple and chic are the best go-to’s. Minimalistic designs such as the one above are comfortable and really cost-efficient.


A more contemporary/bohemian styled nook but still, very inviting and cozy.