A Beginners Guide to Decorating With Faux Plants

I was recently working on a project, and a client nearly frowned at me when I mentioned the idea of accessorizing with faux plants. The purpose of decorating with faux plants tend to make people cringe. I love sprinkling a few faux plants or faux flower arrangements throughout the home. During the times you’re too busy to be a plarent (plant parent) faux plants are so much easier to care for than live plants. For those of you who are new to or considering taking the artificial plant route, here are a few things to note. Know how to pick them. Not every faux plant is appealing to the eye. Make sure you’re choosing high-quality, good-looking, believable artificial plants. The only thing worse than a fake plant is a plant you can tell is fake.

Strategic placement is essential when decorating with artificial plants. Where would you stage your live plant to grow? If you’re going to simulate the real thing, where you stage it is critical. You want the placement of your plants to deliver an organic feel. Make it believable with installation, if you wouldn’t stage a live plant there, don’t stage your faux ones there either. Keep your plants clean. Yes, the artificial leaves will collect dust particles over time. Make sure you’re putting in the effort to keep your plants looking neat and real. The fun thing about the faux plant is the flexibility. You can bend the petals, stems, and branches to make them appear a certain way. Need a few ideas on faux plants? I compiled a list below of some of my top picks for artificial plants to shop.

World Market Faux Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant - $129

CB2 Potted 70" Faux Bird of Paradise - $299

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