The Ultimate Career Hacks According to Me


"You are you and that is your power. What separates you in this world is your major key, not what makes you like everyone else."

What I love most about my career is that it's everything that I have ever dreamed of. Admittedly, it wasn't always this way. I was unhappy for many, many, many years career-wise. In fact, up until now, I couldn't even say I had much of career at all. There is a fine line between a job and a career. I spent years fulfilling tasks that didn't satisfy my soul. Working day to day, 9-5 at  jobs that just didn't make my stomach do twirls. (in a good way.) And then one day it hit me. You can gripe and complain or you can create the reality you want.

I knew that although I was ready to cultivate the life that I wanted and pursue the job of my dreams, it didn't mean I wouldn't have to work for it. It wasn't like Dorothy where I click my heels three times and I am magically blessed, Nah. It was actually the opposite. I worked my ass off for years but the journey of hard work, blood sweat and tears makes this time in my life worth it. Having necessary pep-talks with self and others throughout this process helped me to come to the realization that nothing really happens overnight. What I wanted then required hard work and sacrifice. This work was not just limited to career but I major work to do on myself as well.

The thing is. Patience is a virtue. Rumi once said, “What you seek is seeking you.” As long as you do the necessary work all else will follow.

After years of building, complaining and not always being happy, I am now at a point where I get up every day and do what I love. While it all may be overwhelming at times, it’s worth it. Building my own marketing consulting firm has been a dream of mine. And not that I am able to manage my business along with other ventures I am passionate about, I am more than grateful the path I’ve taken. I figure out what works and what doesn’t. As my day to day work fluctuates and I am in meetings trying to find ways to grow the brand’s of my clients, I am not asleep. I am discovering ways to implement those same strategies into my very own businesses.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."-- Steve Jobs

Working for multiple companies and building my own brand concurrently, I learned that not everyone works the same. Expectations will be different all across the board from everyone. The ability to be able to adapt to multiple environments is key. Heres my best advice on continuing to stay consistent and confident in my career and everyday life.

Just Say Yes to Work

Working is apart of life. You have to start somewhere to get to where you want to go. Most of us are looking for instant gratification in terms of salary and positions in the workplace. I guess it's a generational thing. Whatever the case, it holds you back and stunts your progression. You can't just assume everything you want will come falling from the sky, you actually have to work. There are times that I've had to do what I love for free. Not that I wanted to, but sometimes the sacrifices are what pave the way for grand opportunities. Don't be afraid of hard work and sacrifice.


I am a bit of an introvert. I STILL till this day will overbook myself just in case I need an excuse to back out of being social. I also learned that the more I don't commit to networking, the less I am making it possible for me to meet fresh new faces and be presented with new opportunities. Put yourself out there. Do not sit around and wait for opportunities to come your way. Create them. Network. Let people know who you are. Collaborate. Make great, lasting impressions to help foster fruitful working relationships for the future.

Remembering to Think for Self

The world around you will convince you that you're doing it all wrong. If you feel that way, you're probably too overly invested in someone else's life. Remembering to think for me has helped me substantially over the years. It's helped me to make my own decisions. It's helped me to walk away when I was unhappy or take a leap of faith when I knew greatness awaited up ahead. Thinking for myself has also helped me to make decisions about my career that I was truly passionate about and not doing things because it looked good when others did it. It always helped me to take on jobs because I wanted to and not because it'd make my parents or anyone else happy.

Find What Separates You

You are you and that is your power. What separates you in this world is your major key, not what makes you like everyone else. I think our biggest setback is our ability to look around and see what works for others. We’re using other people’s lives as a mold or blueprint to dictate our own success, instead of discovering what makes us unique in our own way. Discover what separates you from the world and build on that. To grow in your career you have to know that you are uniquely gifted and talented. Trusting and believing all of who you are will take you far.

Change Happens but Accept It

The only thing constant in this world is change. Your ability to adapt to certain situations will determine your ability to sink or swim in your career. The inability to accept change will limit your progression career-wise. Be open to change, new environments, and spontaneous shifts. If it shifts unexpectedly it's just a blessing disguised as redirection.

Understand That Working for Free Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

There will be times you have to roll up your sleeves and work for free. It doesn’t really matter much what jobs you take and if they pay, if it’s in your field, you’re gaining experience and exposure take the opportunity. We have to quiet the noise that tells us we have to seek to be paid for everything that we do all the time. Yes, you're worthy and you're valuable but I am where I am and can put a price on services because working for little to nothing has helped me build credibility. Some of the greatest, most successful people started somewhere and trust, not everywhere they started paid them to be there. Turning away unpaid opportunities sometimes is you turning down your future. Assess every opportunity and see if it's worth it of course, but don't always assume it leads to nowhere because it's unpaid.

"Your success and how far you go is very much determined by your confidence and how much you believe in yourself."

Learn to Say No

You don’t have to say yes to everything. Being overworked doesn’t always mean you well. It actually sucks. When you're too overwhelmed you actually don't have time to invest in other things. To get ahead we have to learn to work smarter, not harder.

Speak It All Into Existence

I once thought vision boards were silly, that was until I started to see that all I envisioned for my life come to fruition. It isn’t absurd or crazy for you to have a vision for your life. Putting that on a board and watching it come to life is the most rewarding feeling ever. Being able to visualize your best life creates the opportunity for actualizing it and inspires to work toward it. You’re inspired daily by what you see and hear. If you’re constantly speaking things into existence, walking past vision boards, it creates a fire under you. You're inspired to work harder every day to achieve the life you see for yourself. Create a 2017 career vision board or a manifestation journal with your career goals for the new year. Start speaking and believing what you wish for your life to become and watch the Universe work.

Be Proud of You

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate all of your accomplishments. Do not let anyone diminish your light. Your success and how far you go is very much determined on your confidence and how much you believe in yourself. Be proud of how far you come. Always have faith in where you can go. The future is bright and limitless. Go for what you want and be proud while doing so.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

CareerAmber Janae