Tips to Help You Rediscover Your Passion and Purpose Within Your Workplace


Let's face it, a lot of us creatives have a day job. Most of us don't feel passionate about the workplace because our love and passion is elsewhere. For most of us, work at times starts to feel repetitive and mundane. We’re prying ourselves out of bed most days, dreading heading into the office because we’d rather be on a beach enjoying life opposed to dealing with the pressures of completing large projects. It is said that only one in eight workers are psychologically committed to their jobs. This means that only one in eight workers are making positive contributions to the organizations they work for.

A lot of us assume that for us to find purpose it has to be outside of the workplace, which is why we often find ourselves discouraged and unmotivated daily. This certainly applies to those of us who work for ourselves as well. What if we were to change the narrative when it comes to living a purposeful life? The first step in doing this is discovering a list of ways to begin viewing our purpose in the workplace differently. You do this by returning to why you started. Find a joy in your day to day efforts and contributions.  The longer you’re working, the harder it becomes to stay active and purpose-driven, but it doesn’t take much to get you back on track with what fuels you. Start with:

Finding the Joy in Serving Others

Whether it be clients, partners, co-workers or strangers on the commute into the workplace, being of service to others is what life is about. We are our happiest when we feel needed. We are also our happiest when we can commit to a random act of kindness that changes someone else’s life for the better. It’s true, a huge part of discovering our purpose is how we are of service to the world around us. I have found that when you see a person’s heart through their work the more evident, it is that they’re walking in their purpose. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re limited to specific ways of being of service to others or to one thing only. It just means that we’ve chosen to discover the joy within the workplace. We’ve opted to connect with what we do on our deeper level rather than feeling forced to perform within the workplace. Incorporating joy into your workplace task is a choice. When we discover the power of giving back to others within our organizational role, it becomes infectious and borderline addictive.

Get Back to Why You Started

There was a reason you began. There was a reason why you chose to be where you presently are, but time passed, and that reason was buried. The spark was lost. Often times we begin a career because we love it. Time passes, and we’re focused on advancement, more money, meeting deadlines and setting goals. While these are all significant components of contributing to an organization, it is also very detrimental.  When we think only of career strides, we become consumed by them and as time passes it is all we strive to achieve. When we align our career goals with purposeful goals and meaning, we create a sense of passion, innovation and drive within the workplace. When an outward-looking focus on serving the broader organization is formed, we thrive off of it and become more inspired within the workplace.

Repeat after me, “It is Not Just a Job.”

We speak so much about flourishing in our purpose. However, we often forget that the road to where we want to be isn’t always an easy paved one. There will be hardships. I always trust that where I am is where I am called to be, at that very moment. So it is not just a job, there is a purpose for it. There is a reason why you’re where you are. There is significance and if you’re living equating it to "just a job" you’re missing the threads that help to connect the dots to discover what that significance is. When we develop the “it’s just a job” mindset we resort to a “paycheck mentality,” performing our obligations in return for compensation and not much else. We forget that there is purpose aligned with all that we do. When discovering this our chances of discerning meaning in the workplace is greater.

Strengthen Workplace Relationships

Building bonds and connections is an important essential to life. We were not created to thrive alone in this world. When we build meaningful relationships within the workplace, we are often inspired by those that we work with. This also helps to develop a healthy, positive working environment that brings out the best in everyone. Workplace culture is largely defined by how well the individuals within the organization focus on connectedness and collaboration. Our workplace relationships are our inspiration. Our workplace relationships are a huge element in keeping our purpose in the workplace alive. When we promote values such as integrity, honesty, and humility we are encouraging ourselves and others to continue to do whatever it is that helps these values shine. In return, our level or integrity, honesty, and humility create a workplace environment that is uplifting, supportive and has purpose and meaning.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

CareerAmber Janae