Unhealthy Habits That Are Interfering with Your Goodnight's Sleep


I feel like a lot of us could use a crash course on getting the proper rest that our bodies need. We inherently pick up on habits and carry them with us, not realizing how detrimental they are to our health. Dehydration and sleep deprivation are two main leading causes of death amongst American society. When don’t get the rest that we need at night, we’re more susceptible to the effects of our lack of sleep hindering us during the day. Our overall health is at risk when we are improperly resting our bodies. We’re more liable to injuries due to being tired or "out of it." It can also result in fatigue while trying to perform day to day activities. An increased probability of injuries, heart disease, and other serious medical conditions are heightened when the body doesn't get what it needs. Here’s how bad habits and lack of sleep are harmful to you.

Your Constant Use of Technology

Don’t say you aren’t guilty because we all are. By now we’re all well informed on the negative effects modern day technology has on our brains and body. Our televisions, iPads and cell phones are generated by blue light. It has been said that any and all artificial lights are highly impactful on our sleep patterns. Blue light wavelengths generated by electronics boost attention, reaction times and mood resulting in the body’s natural rhythms being confused. It stops the serotonin in our brains from building, which is essentially the key ingredient to assist us in drifting off into a deep sleep. Set a reasonable time to disconnect from all technology for bed. This’ll help to not only decrease your exposure to radiation, but it’ll help with you getting the proper sleep you need.

Not Setting Boundaries

Many of us like to go above and beyond, whether it be for work, family members or friends. The problem with this bad habit is, we leave very little time for ourselves. Start setting boundaries. Don’t be afraid to tell people no or have cut-offs times as to when you are available. Stop neglecting yourself and your health for the sake of pleasing others. Disconnect from the world around you. Recharge. Give yourself normal daytime hours to be available to others. Know when it’s time to shut the world out and dedicate time to yourself. Don't overwork or overcommit to the point you're not sleeping.

You Have No Real Routine

The importance of a nightly and morning routine is to be prepared. When we learn to train ourselves to shut down every night at a specific time, it helps support getting the proper rest we need. Advanced technology these days has an app for everything. Start setting a timer that alerts you an hour before your set bedtime. This way, you can complete anything that you’re working on and still have time to prepare for bed. Don’t take phone calls or respond to a text from people who you know you won’t be able to cut the conversation short with. Additionally, try and incorporate some things into your night that’ll calm you before bed, meditation, coloring, etc.

I’d love to hear if these tips are resourceful to you. Hit me up in the comment section or shoot me a tweet/email. Happy Sleeping!

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WellnessAmber Janae