Positive Habits We Should Be Encouraging In Our Sister Circles

It is true, that who and what we surround ourselves with is the greatest reflection of who we are. As we start to grow and develop it is essential that we’re spreading light and showing those around us the way. If we wish to see progression in our surroundings we have to not only elevate ourselves but support the elevation of all things, including our closest acquaintances. To be of this world and not feel a need or desire to share what we learn with our sisters and brothers is the greatest form of selfishness. What I value most about my sister circle is that what one gains power from she passes it down to give us all that same power. Where one obtains knowledge and growth she is passing down that same knowledge to us all which supports our growth and expansion. I think it’s really important for us to start expecting more of each other simply because we’d want the same for ourselves. Here are a few things to start considering encouraging more of in each other’s lives on a daily basis.

Healthy Eating Habits

Literally when I am the worst at healthy eating. When I go to any of my best friend’s house and they've cooked, they will not let me skip over the green foods. I am obligated to eat every bite. It’s true that you are what you eat. Over time I’ve been realizing that the more healthy foods I incorporate into my daily diet the better I feel and the easier it is for me to function. It's okay to pig out but there should be a healthy balance. Also, water consumption. We underestimate water and its power. I am the best that I have ever been now that I’ve chosen to drink water all day every day. I do have a Starbucks here and there and tea is a must, but for the most part, 90% of what I consume in terms of liquids is water. We should be encouraging the consumption of all these healthy options for ourselves and our sister circle(s).

Avoiding Toxic Relationships

My sister circle and I made a pact at the end of last year that we wouldn’t tolerate toxic relationships ourselves or support them if our sister has chosen to take part in one. Dating these days isn't always the easiest but there is someone out there who will value you the Queen you are. We never have to settle. We have to dead the notion that because we love someone we must tolerate mistreatment or bad behavior. Often times we’re holding onto toxicity out of fear of being alone and not holding on out of love. In reality, regardless of how much we love a person, if their actions and the way that they treat us is not in support of our higher good then we shouldn’t be holding onto that relationship. If you’re a friend who’s supporting your friend’s toxic relationship(s) you’re also enabling her lack of progression and all the stress, pain and turmoil that comes with the relationship. We have to do better by each other. That starts with encouraging only things that bring us in alignment with our higher selves.

Financial Security

We should all be encouraging each other to have our own, no exceptions. Having security in a full-time job or our own side hustles is one thing, but also having that security in great credit scores and savings accounts is a must. You don’t know how many times we’ve stayed on top of each other about savings accounts, investing in 401k and having solid credit. I don’t know about you all, but if I see my sisters struggling it kills me. We have to be leading examples so that we’re encouraging each other to have it all the way together in every aspect of our lives, especially financially.

Following Your Dreams

One of my best friends has the advice of a modern-day Iyanla Vanzant. We’ve all encouraged her for so long to consider being a life coach. So imagine my excitement when she told me on our last girls trip that she had signed up for the courses to be a certified life coach. The greatest part of a friendship for me will always be encouraging each other to follow the desires of our hearts. There will never be anything in life more fulfilling than doing what we love and there is nothing greater than having friends who support and encourage that.

Knowledge of Your True Self

Life really didn’t start changing for me until I started to re-discover my roots and who I truly am. Knowing and understanding that I am a goddess has not only changed the way I view the world but how I conduct myself in it. A lot of us are operating on low frequencies daily due to lack of knowledge of who we are internally and where we originate from. It is common for the black woman to not be aware of who she is because she’s been taught for so long that she is anything, but powerful and full of magic. When you start to trust in your power you become more confident and secure within yourself. It is so important that we’re encouraging each other on a daily basis to uncover this knowledge so that we’re projecting that power and magic onto everything in our everyday lives.

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment 

If we’re not growing together spiritually than we are going nowhere real fast. Your sisters should be the first to encourage or inspire you to step out on faith grow spiritually. Without the perfection of the spirit we are living by the flesh. You have to get to a point where you are living in this world but know and believe you are not of it. Every day try sending your sister's different videos to watch or encouraging them to read certain books that’ll help them with their spiritual progression. A little effort goes a long way. What we are all committing to is beneficial for not just one of us but all of us. 

Photo Cred: StyleMeAfrica

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Love and LifeAmber Janae