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Live Bodly, Know Thyself

There’s been a wide-spread discussion lately as we settle into the new year. The focus has been on self and a lot of us discovering who we truly are to our core. I learned that when I am not functioning as myself in my everyday life, I feel imbalanced, off centered almost.


The Realization of Life’s True Importance

I love the transitional phases that the moon goes through. They’re a constant reminder that we too, transition, evolve and have many opportunities to shed layers to become better versions of ourselves. The last few months have been spiritually awakening for me.


There's No Harm In Choosing A Different Route

I was driving home the other day, and something told me “take another route.” I don’t know why the message came through, but I knew if I received it, it was for a reason. So, I did as I was told. I took another route. On this alternate route home, I noticed things that I had never seen before.


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